Anonymous asked: Why do you answer all these qestions?

I’m just trying to help people out…

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Anonymous asked: I never had my first kiss.. what is a good kiss? Or how do you give a good kiss?

You practice on your pillows like mee :3 Don’t be too messy. lol.

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Anonymous asked: I like this guy and he likes me. The thing is he would comment on some physical attractions he has from me, but I can't really comment much on him. I mean I like him but I think his personality is what really has me in his grasp. Is it bad that I'm not physically attracted to my crush? D:

Not really, no. But physical attraction helps. Trust me on this.

Arimi is both mind-boggling beautiful and her mind is complex. Just don’t settle for less than what you think is perfect. I know I didn’t.

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Anonymous asked: Valentine's day is coming up and I want to do/give something special to this one guy. We're not going out or anything but we both like each other and he's just waiting for me to be ready in a relationship. Anyways, any ideas on things I can do?! (:

Why dont’ you make him a Valentine’s Day card? and do some cute inside joke on it!

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Anonymous asked: This guy wants to go out with me, but the only thing preventing it is my parents. My parents won't let me have a boyfriend. We want to hang out, but it's tough. What should I do? :/

Listen to your parents. It’s not going to make a difference if you wait a bit until college or something. Honestly, pre-pubescent relationships are shorter than the time it takes for paint to dry.

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Anonymous asked: Do you believe that if someone really cares for a person they'd wait forever? Or like.. they have a limit? This guy says he's willing to wait but if I make him wait too long he's gonna leave. Of course he said he doesn't want to leave, yet he says he can't wait forever cause it hurts him. I understand what he means, but at the same time I don't know whether I should take it as a sign that he's already planning to leave me?

No, he’s got it right. Why would you make someone wait for you when you clearly don’t want him? He wants you and he’s willing to wait. But he can’t wait forever. He has to move on for himself if you’re not willing to be with him.

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Anonymous asked: What is a cute way to ask someone to be your Valentine?

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Anonymous asked: What's the difference between going out/dating and actually being a couple?

On dating.

On being in a relationship.

Click the links. (:

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Anonymous asked: My boyfriend and I have been going out for about 8 months now. I love him a lot but he's still talking to his perfect ex-girlfriend and he's aware that she still likes him. Yet he keeps talking to her and I told him about this insecurity I'm having and he stopped for a while. He's gradually doing it again. What should I do? It's not a really big issue but, I'm afraid he might cheat on me. What should I do?

If you think he’s gonna cheat on you then why be with someone who’s that untrustworthy? 

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Anonymous asked: I'm going to watch a movie with my crush. The thing is we like each other and I never had any dating experience. It'll be the first time we actually see each other for a while and yeah.. any pointers or advices I should take?

Keep the conversation flowing. Ask questions and get to know him until you’re more comfortable! If you’re having a good time, make sure you let him know. In this way, it makes the both of you less tense. If he wants to pay for you, let him! And smile :D

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