Anonymous asked: Do you think it's possible to be friends after a break up?

Yes, of course it’s possible. It’s just hard to do because of the memories that linger in both your minds. But hey, if you really try I don’t see why not.

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Anonymous asked: How do you know when a guy honestly misses a girl?

When he posts about his girlfriend as much as i do…

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Anonymous asked: Today my crush asked if I was interested and would ever go out with him. I told him yes I was interested but I didn't think I was ready for a relationship yet. He told me he's fine with it and he'd wait for me and whenever I'm ready. He even said forever. But when I asked "FOREVER?!" he said "k, well not forever. But I will wait for you don't worry." I guess the thing I'm worried about is what if he stops waiting? ):

Then he stops waiting. Nothing you can do about it.

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Anonymous asked: So, the guy I work with and used to have a crush on texted my last night. He said things that I'd always wanted him to say, but he admitted to being drunk. Now I don't if I should believe anything he said. What do you think? And I am not going to over analyze this. Just wanted a guy's opinion on the situation.

Alcohol Is like a truth serum. Just keep that in mind.

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Anonymous asked: This guy I like and I had a 2 hour talk on the phone. The thing is he likes me and I guess he knows I like him too. But at times he'd tell me to say things like "___ you're cute" or he'd try to make me admit that I like him. As much a good guy he is, I don't know if I'm ready for a relationship. I don't know if I'll have time to be in one, honestly. I mean I like him it's just.. yeah. What should I do?

I think you should take it slow and just see where things go. Just don’t act on it too much.

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Anonymous asked: My crush and I webcammed and he constantly would sing this long song or would send me some songs telling me to listen. All the songs were about love. And he even typed some lyrics from the love songs and sent it to me. Since I have a habit of over thinking things, I don't know whether he sent those as a hint of something or just because he loves listening to the music.. Usually, when boys constantly sends love songs does it mean anything?!

I think someone likes yooou….(;

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Anonymous asked: (continued) so after she pulled the router his computer dropped to the ground & he got pissed & he started to shove her and hit her twice. his little brother got scared so he called the police and they came & arrested my boyfriend. this didnt really change anything, i still love him the same way, there was no difference, except now im kinda scared that if he dared to do such physical harm to his mother, he'd be able to do the same to me. i dont know what to do, what do you thinkof the situation?

I think everyone has the capability. Circumstances just pushed him over the edge. However, his disregard for self-control concerns me.The choice is yours though. If you can over look this potentially damaging flaw, then you’re good. But know when to get out. If he starts to get abusive, forget about love and all that. Get out of there. For now, I don’t see him doing much harm to you though.

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Anonymous asked: my boyfriend and i are perfect and things were going well until this morning he sent me a good morning message that made him sound really down. i asked him what's wrong & he said that yesterday was one of the worst days of his life, i wasnt sure what was going on bc i was away for the whole day until this morning. after 15mins i finally got the story out of him. he told me that he got into a fight with his mom about grades, she tried to pull his router so she can disconnect the internet...

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Anonymous asked: What do you do when you like a guy who has a girlfriend?

You do whatever’s necessary to not like him. Don’t be the cockblock.

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Anonymous asked: I was talking to this guy who liked me and when I brought up a subject that reminded him of his ex and he got all depressed and insisted me to change the subject. Next day he says that his wounds opened up again. When I asked if he meant it internally or externally he said "I'll be fine as long as you don't bail out on our webcam date! (:" I feel like he's not over his ex, it's been about 8-9 months since their breakup. Is he using me as a rebound? I don't understand.

No but it’s still a sensitive subject. Just try not to bring up the past.

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